Viola's New Groove


young girl on the brink of death finds her life being saved by two mysterious men after being robbed and victimized by criminals, but was it really worth it?


8 year old Viola Wright is walking home from the store in what was thought to be a safe neighborhood, but boy where her parents wrong. As she is walking home two men drive up and attack and victimize her on the side of the road stealing the money she had left over and leaving her to die on the side of the road. As she lies there in a pool of her own blood all she can think about is how she's going to die there and nobody will know she is there. However two other men appear in front of her saying that they can save her life she just had to take out a contract with them, in the end she does but the contract isn't the only condition. Viola Wright becomes Viola Anderson and a whole new life is made for her with no recollection of her past life and no evidence that she even existed in her previous life. Upon waking up in her new home and life her new dad Sha'quan Anderson sees her knowing that he did not ever father an a white child with anybody knows something is up right away. Unfortunately Viola signed a non-negotiable contact that cannot be undone or she will find herself right back at the side of the road she was found at before and will be left there to die. Sha'quan responds angrily to the two men about manipulating children but nonetheless takes the child in as his own.