The Walking Dead is the 23rd episode of the 14th Season of The Everson House. The episodes from here on out serve as an intro to the new everson house series Everson House: Walking Dead which will take place in Post-Apocolyptic Sahana.


It appears to be an ordinary day in the life of Jonald "Ron". However there normality will soon be turned upside down as Team Mimzy gets a massive headache. They shrug it off but it soon happens again this time they are transported to another dimension or so they thought. The truth is a currently unknown foe has altered the timeline making Planet Sahana Post-Apocolyptic Sahana. What kind of apocalypse you ask well a Zombie Apocalypse. Ron's class soon finds this out when zombies attack them in there classroom. Ron is able to kill them before they bite anyone luckily but they all know that there not in Pridor anymore or at least the Pridor they know.


Zombie: "Uuuuunnnngg"
Ron: "Huh"
Zombie: "Uuuuunnnngg"
Ron: "Holy *bleep*"
— Ron reacting to Zombie

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