Episode Quotes

Sha'quan:What is this I thought no traces of her past life remained

Viola:This doesn't make any sense

Mysterious Man 1:[to Sha'quan & Viola] Oh I forgot to mention there's one more catch
Mysterious Man 2:[also to Sha'quan & Viola] Your past family will report you missingMysterious Man 1:[still to Sha'quan & Viola] as well as kidnapped and if you don't solve this
Mysterious Man 2:[still to Sha'quan & Viola] by the end of the day the contract will nullify itself and you'll return to your old life
Mysterious Man 1:[still to Sha'quan & Viola] only to be found to have bled to death by the side of the road where we first found you
Sha'quanyou lying sacks of...
Mysterious Man 1 & 2:[to everyone] you have till the end of the day to solve this or else

[The men disappear while laughing maniacally]

Voice 1: [to everyone] we forgot to mention earlier if you fail to solve this all parties involved will die and your existence in this world forgotten mua ha ha ha
Quanesha: What no that can't happen it just can't
Voice 2: Then I would highly suggest that you and your family resolve this or that's it for you
Sha'quan:[to the voices] you pieces of s**t you knew about this the whole time didn't you
Voice 1: [to everyone] maybe we did, and maybe we didn't, we'll never tell hahaha

Sha'quan: we don't have time for this