The Past Life of Viola


Viola's new life is just beginning, but signs of her old life still haunt her.


As Sha'quan and his family are coming back from breakfast they notice a missing persons poster pinned up on the wall if there housing complex saying "Missing Viola Wright". This confounds them as no traces of her past life are supposed to exist it only gets worse when they read that she's been kidnapped. But if that wasn't bad enough right next to said missing poster is a wanted poster for none other then Viola, now even more confused they meet up with the same men who gave Viola this new life and demand an explanation. Is there that they learn there was one more catch with the contract and if it isn't resolved before the day is out the contract will nullify itself, returning Viola to her previous life where she will be found dead at the side of the street where she was found, they disappear as they laugh maniacally. Now they're racing against time as they try to figure out how to resolve the situation only getting more and more villainous as they go. However later in the day Sha'quan and his family find out the most twisted and villainous part yet, if they fail to resolve the situation by 12:00 am tomorrow morning they too will die.