EXTERIOR: Boys & Girls Club of Pridor
Keung: Keung Drives up to parking lot and gets out of his car "Hello Armand"
Armand Armand hears the voice and turns to the source "Hello Keung"
Keung "How was your night last night?"
Armand *annoyed* Do you even have to ask Keung?
Keung "I guess that answers my question"
The two men walk into the building
INTERIOR: Pridor Boys and Girls Club Entryway
Keung Keung sees the same man whom he's seen everyday for a while
Jehlani had just been dropped off by her dad and she enters the building
Jehlani  "Hello Mr. Sakurai"
Keung "Hello Jehlani how was your day today?"
Jehlani "oh you know same old same old"
With members arriving Keung was concerned for there safety. He approched the man
Keung "Excuse me sir but may I ask who you are?"
Man "* huh* oh my name Luther Lebel, and I work for the Pridor school district"
Keung not sure whether or not to believe the man he gives him the benefit of the doubt but opts to keep an eye on him

Before they knew it, it was 3:00 and sure enough kids started to shuffle in from off of there buses. Amongst the first kiss to arrive Ashary, Mattais, and Saniya where on the buses

Ashary Hi Keung

Ashary after putting her stuff down ran over to Keung her shoes clack, clack, clacking as she rushed over to Keung and jumps into his arms and gives him a kiss on the neck

Keung Ashary you know we've been over this several times, no jumping into my arms anymore remember
Ashary I remember but you caught me
Keung Well of course I caught you I don't want you getting hurt * he smiles*
Just then another bus arrives dropping off two of Keung's own kids
Fujiwara Daddy why do you always have that little girl in your arms?
Ashary Because he loves me more * sticks her tongue out* 
Miyoshi Don't be a meanie Ashary
Miyazaki Meanie, Meanie
Ashary * sighs* I was only being funny
Keung alright that's enough girls
Luther * scoffs* Keung is such a softie, I almost feel bad for him with him about to be part of the b*****d child genocide I'm about to commit.

Slowly but surely the boys and Girls arrive and once everyone has arrived they are all called into the gym for pre-program preparations.

Keung okay 5-7 year olds where going to be in here first, 8-9 you'll be in the back, and 10-12s you'll be in the game room oh and no fighting over the games. If we have another flight like the other day all three groups will be sitting during game room time, is that clear Janessa
Keung Voice over Janessa is a tall biracial 10 year old girl. She had Brown Hair that's often worn in a ponytail. She is off slim build and all attitude, but she can be well behaved when she wants to.

And sometimes she prefers taking with her friends when I'm talking.

Vivia Mrs. Linder do you even have a clue as to what Mr. Sakurai just said
Janessa umm something about the game room
Vivia You know something Mrs Linder if you spent half as much time listening to directions as you do taking to your friends you'd probably be on better terms with the club director. * sighs*
Keung Janessa I'm not repeating myself you're with me the duration of the day. No playing games, no gym you are to stay with me and help me with the little kids 
Janessa what that's not fair
Zaryonna * scoff* what a nuance always getting in trouble for dumb s**t
Keung Mrs Rodgers do you think I can't hear you, did you think that I did not just hear you curse.
Zaryonna  Who me nah
Keung Cute Zaryonna, real cute, your with me and this nuance and minus 5 points from 10-12's and minus 20 points for 8 & 9s
Melanie 20 POINTS are you serious?
Armand do you wanna make it 40?
Saniya no Melanie shut up
Nancy Grace so what's with these points Mr Sakurai?
Keung right so we have a points system here, each of the groups are given points for good behavior and have points taken away for bad. Each group starts the year of with zero points, then as the year progresses they earn points or lose points. At the end of each month all three groups are given the choice to either hang on to they're points or purchase something from the club store
Nancy Grace So tell us Asiyah what can you get from the club store?

lots of cool stuff like a t-shirt or a little stuffed animal * holds up beanie baby cat* her name is mittens she was the first prize I bought at the club store

Nancy Grace awww she's adorable Asiyah
Asiyah thanks I thought so too
Nancy Grace Tell us Saniya what other things can you get at the club store?
Saniya  A pizza party, even with the loss of 20 points or group still has enough points for a pizza party
Yeah they had enough for a pizza party and Saniya was going to cash the points in at the end of the school year, but little did she know that June 10 2014 would be the last day of her life.
Keung come on Zary let's go
Zaryonna * groans* these little kids are such a pain
Keung welcome to my world.

Armand noticed the same guy who's been here ever since he got there as he was about to ask him to leave his phone rings

Luther  * phone rings* * puts it on speaker* Hello
Joshua Luther is everything ready for the purge?
Luther yes sir everything is set and ready to go
Joshua good you always where my most loyal follower.
Luther Much obliged sir
Joshua  now explain to me how this elaborate system of yours works
Luther with pleasure sir, now I have set up 4 Fire bombs I the gym area, when they detonate they will set off a chain reaction. Right about now they should be switching activities
Armand Armand looks at his phone and then at the game room, sure enough his 8 & 9 year olds are taking there turns in the gym. "No he said not them" * loud growl* YOU LIED TO US, YOU USED US, YOU GAINED OUR TRUST, SO YOU COULD SET THE BUILDING ON FIRE!!!
Luther but of course Armand it was the only way to succeed with this purge.
Armand Purge!?, if what!?
Luther The illegitimate trash that plaques this building and every place else
Armand Armand looks at his defenseless 8 & 9 year olds having an idea of what's going to happen to them "I...I won't let you, they're people too, they have a right to a life"
Sure enough after the 8 & 9 year olds where sitting down in the gym and the 5-7 year olds where having snack knowing what was going to happen Armand ran as fast as his legs could go to try and save his group.
Keung whoa there Armand we're trying to teach these kids not to run out here
Armand Keung that man works for Joshua and he's gonna set off.....
Before Armand could finish a large explosion rocked the building as the gym was set ablaze, Ashary squealed when the explosion went off then the * roar* sound of a large fire followed by various screams of agony coming from the gym.
Keung oh my
Katie *wahhhhhhh* I'm on fire, I'm I fire
Nancy Grace when you saw that child engulfed in flames like that what was your initial reaction?
Keturah My initial reaction, let's see one of my best friends runs by me completely on fire what would your reaction be to that?
Mrs Crowe Now Keturah it was just a question no need to bite the women's head off 
Keung s**t we need to get everybody out of here NOW
Nancy Grace when you saw this happening what was going through your mind?
Keung a lot of things where going through my head, am I going to be able to save everyone, will my own kids fire in this fire, will we all get trapped I here, amongst other things. But the two biggest things where I have got to save these kids and why the f**I did this have to happen on my day I charge 
Ashary * loud bawling* I wanna go home, I wanna go home
Ermina  * wah* it hurts, it hurts
Ermina runs around like crazy only making the fire bigger she eventually collapsed in front of Keturah as she screams and cries then nothing, Keturah is horrified that she just watched her friend be burnt alive
Keturah I can't.....m.....m...... move
Laillah  I was scared for myself and for a Keturah it's like she'd froze with fear, though I probably would freeze with fear too if my friend was burnt alive in front of me, wait she was
Kylee wah wah yahhhhhhhh ahhhhh * collapses dead in front of Laillah*
Laillah K....K....Kylee please don't be dead.....Kylee please don't be dead * starts to cry* Kylee your dead aren't you..........KYLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 
Luther * giggles*
Armand you're enjoying this? You're enjoying innocence being taken, you're enjoying the tears, the hurt, the pain? WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOUR F**KING PSYCHOPATH THIS IS HORRIBLE
Luther don't worry when it's over you'll thank me
Nancy Grace he said "you'll thank me" thank him for what mass murder of children
Armand I guess he thought we'd turn psychopathic or something I don't know, what I do know is when he said that I wanted to choke the life outta him
Ashary I wanna go home I...
Luther time for round two * presses button*
Another set of fire bombs goes off this time in the lounge everybody in the lounge is instantly killed and Ermin who was standing WAY too close to the blast radius is also killed but not before letting out one final scream as he burns to death.
Ashary eeeeeek *wahhhhh*
Jehlani Keturah * cough* *cough*
Keturah *cough* *cough* over here, I'm over here I can't move my legs
Jehlani it's gonna be alright I know you're scared I'll be right there
As Jehlani makes her way to Keturah somehow Jehlani had minor injuries Keturah was happy to see her she almost felt like she could move until a steel beam fell from the ceiling on top of Jehlani with a 2/20 wire running through it which had electrified the beam which in turn electrocuted her only surviving friend to death seeing this Keturah collapsed and cried out as loud as her little lungs would let her
INTERIOR:  Dr Phil's Show Stage 
Keung hearing Keturah's screams of agony really affected me I tried as hard as I could to keep a brave face but the truth was I was just as scared as Keturah innocent children dying all around me, young lives that I was responsible for, and they where lost
Reika but not all of them where lost you saved some
Keung Reika some doesn't compare to at least 80-90 lives I couldn't save, innocent.... little.... children, * starts to cry* I failed to do my job I let them all down
Dr. Phil Keung listen to me, you have to know that what happened two years ago was not your fault
Fujiwara yeah dad you did all you could do. Yeah you weren't able to save them all, but you did manage to save some and some is better then none.
Keung how Keturah has to see a good damn shrink every month, Zaryonna had a huge scar from that day, Laillah is in the god damn Looney bin for the rest of her childhood and that's just the tip of the f**king iceberg. The Sucuzhany kids might possibly have to have amputations done, Ziggy had f**king lung cancer, and Quider is in a god damn Chia and had been since that day need I go on, they're lives suck way more now then they ever did.
Keturah Stop it Keung, nothing that happened to us is your fault. I still love you Keung * gives Keung a bar hug*
Laillah Keung you might not think it but you did save me I'd rather be in a mental home then buried 6 feet under
Zaryonna and I don't care about this stupid scar I'm alive, I kicking, and as far as I'm concerned that's cool with me
Analia  And the doctor said we're fine no cutting off our limbs ever
Dr Phil you see Keung not a one I've these wonderful children blame you for anything, if anything they love you even more now
Rosie *at home* so that's why my safety is so important to him, I never knew he went through that torture
Zahriah  I still love you Keung and I always will
Narrator so you see folks no matter what happens there's always going to be people in your corner, but don't get my friends this isn't the end of this trip down memory lane join us tomorrow for The Boys and Girls Club Fire 2014 as our survivors revisit the site where it all happened and finish the story till next time cya People's
Fade Out For continuation see The Boys & Girls Club Fire: Part 2