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Spice Master
Supernatural Being
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Restion
Energy Color: {{{color}}}
Show Information
First mentioned: "Spice What"
First appearance: "Spice What"
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Spice Master is a supernatural being or person which operates spices. A spice master is able to use spices to devote people into different feelings by using different ingredients. Talia Parra, Will, Jayden Grubb, Michael Grubb, are all Spice Masters currently. Talia's father was a Spice Master in 2000's but died. It is now known that they are in fact not from the magic realm but that they grow in the Florida key in an area known only to spice masters, it could be that the person known As the Spice Master is the one with the magic as only certin people can use them for mood alteration.

Types of Spices

Known Users

As of right now only 4 spice masters have been seen.

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