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I have no sympathy for bullies and liars, I'm Alpha Uvai
—Sha'quan's transformation catchphrase


Sha'quan came from and grew up in the "Ghetto". His family was below poverty level. His Mom & Dad could barely make ends meet and often had to work late leaving him and his Sister to take care of the younger siblings. One day when his parents went to work a crew called the Crooked Knights came to his house and gunned down his and his sister's friends believing to be cleaning up the trash. When they turned to him and his siblings they all ran to a neighbor's house who they later found out was a Organization agent posing as a ghetto neighbor. When Sha'quan discovered that his little sister was missing and about to be killed he rescues her and performs his first Huma-Modify and eventually defeats the dark Huma-fused enemy and is recruited into the origination along with the current and future siblings in his family.

Deity Partners

Sha'quan is one of the two deities along with Annolia Armenta that's been given the ability to form deity contracts with those of the opposite gender

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Powers & Abilities


In addition to his powers and abilities Sha'quan has also been shown to utilize spells either in Latin or in English.

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