A Sezka Mage is a type of Mystic that specializes in Multi-Magic, Multi-Marriage Magic to name a couple.


The Sezka Mage is possibly one of the most powerful mystics in existence. They are capable of utilizing the Multi-magic ability, this ability allows them to utilize many to all magics in existence however they have to achieve Intermediate rank and acquire ability imprinting magic before doing so. The Sezka Mage draws there power off from others through Sezka Marriage which is consummated through a Sezka Ring which when touched together with a normal wedding ring begins the ritual then is followed by matrimonium fabrica which is Marriage Forge in Latin.

Sezka Mages are required to Sezka Marry as many women as possible.(Disclaimer: I do not support or condone polygamy, I based this mystic off of polygamists for fictional purposes only). These marriages are required for the purpose of forging and increasing the mages power, however Sezka Mages can choose to do it for love as most of them do. There are some out there that do it solely for power, these type of mages are called Dark Sezka Mages and are frowned upon for being so heartless and conceded.