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The files contained within this article are fictional but still mine. As such nobody is allowed to use these files without prior authorization by me CanBoy67, unless otherwise stated

Nikara World: Original Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack
General Information
Composer(s): CanBoy67
Format Information
Number of Discs: 1
Number of Tracks: 20
Length: TBA
OST Chronology

No. Title Song Length Notes
1 Intro
2 Fight With Fear
Fight with Fear
Her Great Strength File:Her Great Strength.ogg
4 Zahriah's Fears
Zahriah's Fears
5 No More Death
No More Death
6 Total Fight
Total Fight
7 The Devils Arson File:The Devils Arson.ogg
8 Lizzie's Pain
Lizzie's Pain
Original from Here