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Currently working on a self run wiki with the name Nikara World this site will be used until all kinks on other site are taking care of.Decided not to run my own wiki yet but the site is now used for my blog.


All of the characters, places, actors etc featured on this wiki are FICTIONAL. So please do not try and look them up because there FICTIONAL unless otherwise stated. Any similarity to real people living or dead is purely coincidental and in no way intentional.

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South Fork Academy
South Fork Academy is a special school featured on The Maxwell House. It first appears in the 25th episode of the seventeenth season.

South Fork Academy is a school located in the Pridor plains. It is a school that teaches the Supernatural and Arcane arts...READ MORE

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Best Brutal Dubstep Mix 2018【BEST DROPS EVER】★

Best Brutal Dubstep Mix 2018【BEST DROPS EVER】★

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Austin Bilber on the phone with his manager


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