Love and Loss is the 27th episode of the 14th season of the Everson house and is the 5th part of the 7 part zombie apocalypse event.


The night before Dazzline had to kill her mom and Ronald Weasley after they where bitten by zombies. Reluctantly Dazzline kills the woman who gave birth to her and her new friend to prevent them from reanimating. After this she lost her voice so her dad promised her and her siblings that he would fix this and get there mom back. Later that night Hermione comes over and cries in Jonald's arms wishing that the apocalypse had never happened. When Demrah saw this she realized that her dad and Hermione belong together while she is saddened by her mother's death she believes that her dad should do anything he can to protect Hermione and her family.


  • This is part of a multi part series finale

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