Justin Samuel Everson is the fourteenth child, and ninth son of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. He is 14 years old.


Justin was born to Natalie and Diego Everson on November 15th 2002. He was described as beautiful by the doctor who birthed him. The Everson family was cursed long ago. Because of this Jackson has plenty of girls around him. His female friends don't like this however and they don't have a problem telling him. When Justin was 3 years old he had at least a dozen girls around him all the time. His mother would often complain about it. For the most part Justin had a perfectly good childhood. When he turned 13 he was invited to a prestigious school for the supernatural, upon arrival his brother Jonald told him to keep an eye on Juliya because her uncaring boyfriend Lorenzo was there.


Justin's personality is described as caring, loving, kind and very protective of his family. He doesn't have a problem doing whatever he can to protect his family and those closest to him. If anybody even looks at his family the wrong way he won't hesitate to "pound the crap out of them". He like his family despises Lorenzo Fields and his entire family.

Powers & Abilities

Known Copied Abilities


  • Thousand Lightning Bolts: Justin fires off thousonds of lightning bolts (Element = Electricity)
  • Blasting Energy: Justin unleashes a destructive wave of energy (Element = Energy Wave)



Jonald Everson


Main article: Jonald Everson

Juliya Everson


Main article: Juliya Everson




Tomika is Justin's Teammate and girlfriend 


Cory Matthews


Cory is Justin's mentor 




Lorenzo Fields

Arch Enemy

Main article: Lorenzo Fields

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