Great Protector Magic is a Holder Type magic which utilizes Great Protector Gems to forge contracts with children, tweens, and teenagers of the opposite gender.

Contracts & Charges

Contracts a made via holding the hand of the lead boy or girl depending on the gender and chanting contractus, faciunt which is Latin for contract make, it forms a large magic circle around the great protector and charges which is then followed by a bright light which fades and left in its place is a Great Protector Gem which holds all the information about the contracts and allows and astral flow to begin in which the protector and his or her charges "connect" with each other.


If a great protector betrays his duties to his charges and kills them or tries to kill them the contracts are immediately nulled and voided which the destroys the gem however doing so well result in the great protector becoming a great destroyer and slowly goes insane. If said charges manage to survive said charges slowly start to die by eventually bleeding to death.

Severing of Contracts

If a great protector decides to sever the contracts between him or her and his or her charges he or she simply throws the gem to the ground and it breaks symbolizing the severing of the protectors contracts, however doing so causes immense pain to his or her former charges.

Protector Death and Resigning

If the great protector should die with his or her gem in hand the gem is destroyed along with the death which will cause side effects based on contract severing, but if said protector should die without there gem in hand the gem will simply glow a dim color of the gem symbolizing the protectors death which will cause the charge closest to them to become very irritable and easily angered.

Death of Charges

If said protectors charges should die the gem connecting them will simply stop glowing or as William Allen put it "go dark" symbolizing the death of the charges which would have them same effect on the protector as betrayal but without becoming a great destroyer unless said protector has enough willpower to resist the after effects of there charges death. Only one instance of this has happened, when William was unable to rescue his charges before a bomb exploded in there foster home during the 1986 Foster Home Massacre.


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