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Peace, justice, progress.
—Kane Elementary Motto


Kane Elementary School is an Elementary school in the Pridor School District it currently teaches over 100,000 students per year and the graduation rate is almost 100%. 


Kane Elementary school was founded by Francis J. Kane in 1870. The school was officially opened in 1877 and right off the bat got 90'000 students enrolled in the school. In 1880 a fire destroyed the cafeteria of the school nobody was in the room at the time of the fire. After the fire the school was temporarily closed until the repairs where complete. 

The 1880/81 school year began and completed without an incident. During the 1882/83 School Year tragedy struck yet again when another fire destroyed 10 occupied classrooms. All the students and teachers in the classrooms where killed in the fire. After that the school remained closed for 20 years but finally reopened in 1903 after the building was remodeled to better contain fires and the like.

During the 1915/16 School Year Pridor had a tornado that ripped through the city and destroyed most of the school at least 20 casualties where reported it eventually was revealed that 50 people had died after that storm. Now many years later the school still stands strong and no further problems have risen.