Spell Transliteration Effect
Flaritus Imperfus Evelyn fires rays of Esoteric Flames
ab imo meam, veni O mihi flammam magicis proprietates, et fac misericordiam hostis, et ducite eum ad cavernam laci de grando Liber Flamma from the depths of my power, come to me now oh great flame of magical properties, and show this foe no mercy, send him back to the hole he came from, Hail of Ethereal Flame Evelyn calls forth a hall of mystical flame
flamma ascendit mysticae, et coquent in me inimici mei, ostende mihi virtutem mystici ignea Radium mystical flame come up and boil inside me show my enemy my power Fiery Mystical Beam Evelyn fires a more concentrated beam of Esoteric Flames