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Danlily Industries Kappa Lab
Semia Location
General Information
Status: Active
Character Affiliations
Owner: Guy Danlily † (formerly)

Joshua Everson (currently)

  • Various Scientists
  • Various Researchers
Show Information
First appearance: "Charlotte's Hell"
Latest appearance: "Charlotte's Hell"
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The Kappa Lab is one of the twenty four Danlily Industries labs named after the Greek alphabet located in Fieldhollow, Semia


The Kappa Lab is one of labs around Restion and Semia. Its purpose is to conduct research into curing various diseases, however this is just a cover for the government. the real purpose of this and all the other labs is to perform illegal human experimentation on evolved humans and other superpowered individuals. Currently one of the test subjects is a young girl named Charlotte who is intentionally failing get "tests" as she doesn't want to be used for evil.

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