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Chia Sakurai  is the 7 year old daughter of Keung & Reika Sakurai (née Furuta).


Chia is a fun loving, happy go lucky little Chinese/Japanese girl. She's very talkative and can be loud. She is very active and benevolent. When somebody does something for her she's very Appreciative of that person and always remembers her manners. Chia is also Charismatic and charming, and just all around cute.

Chia is compassionate, loving, and caring, she is also considerate and cultured. Being raised in both a Chinese and Japanese family certain things are expected of her. She is Disciplined but can't help but to get in trouble every so often. She is more introverted then extroverted. Being introverted she's territorial and likes her privacy, she's happy to be alone. Chia hates to be the center of attention and tries very hard not to be. Chia is intuitive which means Chia is imaginative and future-focused, she is also decent however she can also be dramatic making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Chia is also the feeling type which means she is concerned with harmony and nervous when it is missing, she make decisions with her heart instead of her brain. She also believes being tactful is more important than telling the "cold" truth. She is also perceptive which means she likes to stay open to respond to whatever happens. She also appears to be loose and casual, and likes to keep plans to a minimum. Chia is also focused on keeping or at least trying to keep harmony in her household. Chia is Idealistic, Loyal to her family, Sensitive to others feelings. She is also gentle, reserved, loves to be around nature and animals.