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Boys & Girls Club of Pridor
Restion Location
General Information
Status: Inactive since 2014 Fire
Character Affiliations
Owner: Boys & Girls Clubs of Restion
  • Unnamed Staff Member (†)
  • Unnamed Staff Member (†)
  • Unnamed Staff Member (†)
  • Unnamed Staff Member (†)
  • Unnamed Program Director (†)
  • Julian Smith (†)
  • Armand Fitzhugh (formerly)
  • Keung Sakurai (formerly)
  • Various Children over years
  • Various Deceased Children (†)
  • Ciara Davis (formerly)
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The Boys & Girls Club of Pridor  was a Youth Organization variation. Over the years it served several at risk youths with its After School Program and Teen Program.


The Club was built in Pridor in the early 1800s and served the community for over a decade. Various upgrades where made to the building including a remodel when the new lead law went into effect. The Pridor Boys & Girls Club continued to serve the community and it's children. In 2014 a huge fire broke out in the building killing the majority of the members that where unlucky enough to be caught in the fire and trapped

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