• Glenda's Story 1: I-Dream of Nightmares Past: Glenda gets enough courage to tell Ron and Code: Popular about her life until she was 11. The whole time she holds Rons hand because he makes her comfterable. She tells the story and starts to cry while doing so. As she completes the story her friends tell her that she no longer has to deal with it.
  • Sue's Story 1: Unwanted Attention: Sue Williamson is a typical 15 year old girl. Worrying about hair and boys. But when her friend starts to get teased and bullied about stupid things that gradualy have gotten worse she comes to her aid. But upon doing so people start to gossip about her as well. Not knowing what to do she tries to ignore it. But when she and her friend start to get cyber bullied things just get worse for them.
  • Team Mimzy's Story 1: January Fight: Team Mimzy comes face to face with Silent Corps the orginization that believes in inhumane human expirimentation. They confront the leader and end the Silent Corps forever.


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