Sha'quan Anderson

Best Friend/Like Father

My best friend Sha'quan, we talk about everything together, I sense a real bond between us
—Bailey on her friendship with Sha'quan

Sha'quan her best friend

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Sha'quan and Bailey are very close, the two talk about everything from petty problems to very real girl problems. No matter what Bailey throws at him he always talks about it openly and is very supportive when it makes sense and very stern when it's something that could potentially cause a problem down the road. Sha'quan and Jovita are the first two she's ever told about her being a hybrid between a human and a God. The two have an ever growing bond between the two of them.

Jovita Anderson-McNeil

Best Friend/Like Sister

Jovita and myself are like two peas in a pod if that expression is used anymore
—Bailey regarding Jovita
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Jovita her best friend

 Jovita and Bailey are also very close to each other. The two are like sisters, yeah they get on each other's nerves like sisters, they get mad at each other like sister, they love each other like sisters. The key word here are like sisters. The two of them try to spend as much time with each other as they possibly can, hanging out, looking at boys, you know typical sister stuff but the things they like doing the most is pranking and shopping (Sha'quan had bought 300 figiris worth of clothing for those two girls but we won't get into that right now @_@)