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Florita Aylmet

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Florita Aylmet

My name is Florita holla people's. My hobbies include dancing, karate, and cooking Spanish foods
—Florita introducing herself

Florita is the oldest child of Mr and Mrs Aylmet and the first daughter and first girl overall. She has been described as flaky, silly, and overly sensitive. However she also has a more serious side to her when it comes to doing schoolwork or homework she's always right there on top of it getting it done. She'll willingly help her siblings with there homework or projects that they have assigned to them. She is currently 

Maurice Aylmet

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Maurice Aylmet (age 10)

Maurice Aylmet

Hola my name is Maurice Aylmet and I'm 10 years old. During my free time I like to play basketball and baseball, I enjoy watching Sunday night racing, that's pretty much it
—Maurice introducing himself

Maurice is the second child overall born to Mr and Mrs Aylmet and the first son. He is open-minded, loud and caring. He had future plans to be a vet or a pediatrician for low class children. He does not like people picking on any of his siblings he can be hot headed and had a short temper towards anybody who bothers or tries to take advantage of his younger siblings. And anybody who wishes to do harm to his family will regret the day they crossed him or his family.

Iluminada Aylmet

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Iluminada Aylmet

My name is Iluminada Aylmet. There's not much to know about me except that I'm a straight A student and I take ballet
—Iluminada introducing herself

Iluminada is the third child overall and the second daughter born to Mr and Mrs Aylmet. She very much enjoys bakery and she works at it very hard. She's a straight A student and always does her homework and hands it in on time every day. She's quiet and top herself so she's never in trouble. However this has also made her a primary target of malicious pranks. She's confident but she's an introvert. When somebody does manage to break through her outer shell it's next to impossible too keep her away from you.