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The Anderson Family are a family of very powerful mages. The mother is currently in jail for a crime she was framed for. They are currently members of the guild Silverbrand.


Picture Name Date of Birth Notes
Sha'quan Sha'quan Anderson (1984-07-11) July 11, 1984 (age 33)
Breyann Anderson Breyann Anderson (1984-11-07) November 7, 1984 (age 33)


Picture Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Iveanna Iveanna Monique (2006-07-13) July 13, 2006 (age 11)
2 Niqua Zeniqua D'Andrea (2007-08-27) August 27, 2007 (age 10)
3 JovitaA2 Jovita Ranisha (2008-08-18) August 18, 2008 (age 9)
4 Kaeja Anderson Kaeja Ireena (2011-09-18) September 18, 2011 (age 6)

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